My story

I ve always wanted to be part of something bigger; to create beautiful experiences that push the boundaries of design. I want the work I do to have a positive impact on people's lives. The thought of people using my work in their daily lives excites me: it's why I do what I do.

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the world's most exciting companies, including Google, Adobe, PayPal, VMware and Huawei. As a professional creator, I love being an integral part of the creative process, and rising to the challenge of making complex software approachable to the masses. With all of my work, I hope to empower users and simplify their everyday lives through beautiful, usable experiences.

If you love what you do, work hard, and design it like you're doing it for yourself then opportunities will come.

I believe that forward-thinking design can be a driving force behind technological progress. In the various roles I've held, from independent designer to creative director, I have worked to advance user experience. To stay current by staying ahead of the current. To infuse the simplest interactions with beauty and a sense of ergonomics.

The only constant in this world is change, and that's especially evident in the way we design and the way we build. I'm excited to see the challenges presented by new technologies, and apply my skill toward solving the problems that come with those changes.

January, 2018


I am always happy to hear from fellow designers, potential clients or partners, or passersby on the web who feel like saying hello. Feel free to check out my work on Dribbble and Instagram, and if you're so inclined, reach out on LinkedIn.

If you're interested in my services as a designer or consultant, contact me using the form below. In your message, please tell me more about your company, the project, and which (if any) of my design projects lead you to getting in touch.

I try to respond to contact requests within two days, but will make an effort to reply to all messages on the day I receive them.

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